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News on Twitter

News on Twitter

First of all, the scientists found out that one should write about the positive and share useful news.

CJ Jay Hatto and his colleagues from the Georgia Institute of Technology analyzed half a million tweets and derived some simple rules for success, how to become popular on Twitter.

As the New Scientist magazine writes, scientists studied the tweets of 500 users for 15 months. Researchers analyzed many slang expressions and web-based abbreviations to reveal their impact on the audience.
As a result of the research it was established that in order to reach the maximum number of followers, “twitterine” will have to learn a few simple rules.

First of all, microbloggers are recommended to publish as much positive information as possible, which can raise the mood of the followers.

The majority of Twitter users perceive the platform primarily as a source of news, so bloggers who are trying to achieve success, recommend publishing more links to interesting news items. In moderation, retweets containing relevant information are welcomed.

The study proved that people who describe their daily life and menu on Twitter are difficult to succeed in promoting microblogging.

Hatto spoke about this as follows: “My followers do not care what I ate for breakfast, but they read with interest the news of my discoveries.”

Another secret of popularity is the maintenance of active communication with followers. Users responding to comments, find their audience much faster than those who are used to “talk into space.”

It is critically important to conduct your microblogging competently and communicate in understandable language. It is the expressiveness of a written language that becomes one of the determining factors when users decide whether to subscribe to this person or not.