post-title How to get more twitter followers

How to get more twitter followers

How to get more twitter followers
Twitter followers

How to tweak tweets: cases, services, tips for promoting on Twitter

A small selection of ways and services for promotion on Twitter. Let’s start with free methods of twitter.


We post interesting content and wait for retweets – well, it’s understandable, classic, so to speak. Add to the posts pictures: looking analytics for a number of large accounts it is obvious that the involvement is several times higher in tweets with pictures (at least they are more noticeable in the tape).

Which posts are retweets more often:

  • quotations, aphorisms.
  • hot news – arm ourselves, choose the news, accompany with your comments, perhaps provocative.
  • jokes (use also pictures – downloading them directly to Twitter), for example, some quite successful users
  • post jokes from popular Facebook communities.
  • Interesting Facts.
  • trolling – it is appropriate to recall a joke.
  • political trolling – for runet can be identified in a separate category.

We create viral posts for receiving traffic, reviews and links from social networks.

Several cases: Using someone else’s brand for their own purposes – using the example of Twitter and #oscars.

Write tweets on current trends and news.

You can tailor the entire account to the popular trend / news. For example, someone started an account on behalf of the space station Phobos-Grunt, while on news all day talking about the station, the account quickly became popular.

Popular twitters, conducted on behalf of any historical figures or creative personalities of the past (influence of leaders) – here you can prepare in advance quotations and set up their periodic posting.
The success is enjoyed by comic approaches: a tweeter on behalf of the necklace of Merkel, Barack Obama.

Use special tags that point to a mutual following: #ff, #ff_usa, #TeamToFollow, #followback, etc.

In any case, be sure to keep in touch with followers, replays, communication, retweets – a mandatory program to promote Twitter.


Mass Flowing – we add to friends all in a row – in return some will follow you – yes, it is still effective. But for the sake of efficiency I recommend using special programs. For example – Twitter Follower. It is more effective in this case to search for friends by tags for mutual following (see above).

Thematic following – effective if you have a thematic twitter. Here the process is as follows:

  • branding Twitter – background, avatar and other elements are sharpened under the chosen theme.
  • fill out the account with thematic tweets, including tweets with links, with pictures, video – so that the content was thematic but diverse in appearance.
  • we add to friends those who write tweets with keywords from our subject (manually – search on Twitter or through the program mentioned above).


  • The initial promotion of account twitter – from filling, to mass-sharing + useful services.
  • Contests are a great way to promote: an example of a budget competition.
  • Use the resources of your blog – recommend followers to subscribe to Twitter. It’s also an obvious move.
  • Very effective recommendations and ideas for promotion you will find in the note How to promote the company’s page / account in social networks or why people read / subscribe to pages / brand accounts on social networks? Adapting the solutions outlined there for Twitter, you can get excellent results.
  • Some special methods for the successful promotion of a Twitter account are in the case: 17,000 followers without mass-media.
  • Do not forget about the search traffic to your tweets:
  • Twitter news site or blog service:

How to get traffic from Twitter

Twitter, more and more like a news stream and every tweet is paid less attention, which means that we get less traffic from it.

How to fix.

Announce something a few times – Western SMM specialists recommend at least 3 times a day. Simple, but effective.

Have your small grid of accounts to support the main (5-7 accounts will be enough). Required: the audience – subscribers must be live, not bots that are signed by the automatic machine. The audience of the main aka and auxiliary should be crossed, preferably 80 percent. Why? The mechanics of sending letters with interesting tweets from the service is such that the priority will be for the tweets, which are often followed by those who you sign on to retake. If at least two of those whom you read something like lycnut – a high probability that you will receive a notification with this tweet + block “while you were gone.”

More to communicate with subscribers. A few answers a day to followers, in a week’s time will give your reports more response reactions. Do not look at Twitter only from the consumer. People need your feedback.