post-title How to get more twitter followers free

How to get more twitter followers free

How to get more twitter followers free
Twitter followers

How to become a star in Twitter: 8 tips

We turned to the new advertising discipline of Social Media Marketing and tried to squeeze out of it the maximum amount of fun and verified information that will help you become a Twitter star in the shortest possible time.

1. Insert the links.

If your post contains a link, it seems to tell the follower: “Hey, comrade, there is something interesting for you!” It is desirable that the links were noteworthy, but it is not necessary: most of them will not go by – most will only carry you register, as a person who in principle can throw valuable information. By the way, this statement is confirmed by the studies conducted in the USA: 57% of the cited posts contain a reference.

2. Use the services to shorten the URL.

This not only reduces the number of characters, but also adds mystery.

See point 4. The most preferable services look like and as they fairly save the signs – even in comparison with

3. Write less often.

Do not pester your followers with twenty posts per hour – this will create the appearance of logos and make your friends think that you are writing about everything in a row. Better is less, yes it is better: so your posts will seem more significant.

4. But the more the range of topics covered by you,

the higher your chance to find followers belonging to different target audiences and to attract their attention. If you have already followed the first two tips, and it worked, skip this item: write daily about the reproduction of colossal squid, or about the color of the cherry blossom before a spring shower – you will already be quoted. Leave the variety to mere mortals!

Watch the time!

5. Keep track of time.

It is best to make posts when most people drink coffee and show a thoughtful detachment – then they will have a couple of minutes to read your post and, possibly, to a repost. For this purpose, hours of lunch breaks, the first hour of working hours, the last hour of working hours, Sunday morning are perfect. Researcher Dan Zarella in her scientific work The Social Media Marketing Book assures that Friday is the day when you are most likely to be reassigned. Q.E.D.

6. Do not sit idle.

Watch the tape of other users (follow) – most of your attention flatter so much that they will reciprocate you.

7. Conduct surveys, ask your followers opinion on various issues

, contact them – pretend that they are interesting to you.

8. Watch the words.

The way you write is sometimes more important than what you write about. Already known to us Zarella found out that the word “you” (you) enjoys the greatest popularity at the repost – which is confirmed by the advice given above. But the words game, lol, work, home, night, haha and bed are among the least cited.

P.S. Why did we choose Twitter from all microblogging? According to research, this resource is the second most popular place after Facebook among sites for promotion on the Internet.