post-title Get twitter likes and retweets

Get twitter likes and retweets

Get twitter likes and retweets

What is Twitter, registration on Twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online service for conducting (micro) blogs. Why micro? The message is limited to 140 characters in length.

An important feature of Tweeter is the ability to communicate with followers – other bloggers who are blogging on a tweeter. You can also subscribe to other people’s blogs and read them in a single tape (as a friend-tape in LiveJournal). There are many programs – twitter-clients that turn this service into an analog ICQ. In addition to Twitter, you can write a blog via SMS.

Brevity, convenience, efficiency, a wide range of followers – all this makes Twitter the most popular service for blogging.

How to make an account – registration on Twitter and first steps

We go to – fill out a simple questionnaire:

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address
  • Password
  • Click the Register button
  • Now you have to choose the User name (you will be offered a corresponding name and surname).
  • Click Create an account.
  • Now you will be asked to choose whom to read by interest, the next step is to search for friends.

You will receive a letter to the email indicated by the registration. Confirm your Twitter account by following the link that will be in this email.

Congratulations. You are a Twitter user. You can write your first tweet. For example, try writing about what you are reading this instruction, try adding a link.

How do I start reading someone on Twitter?

I will give an example:

  • We’re logging into your Twitter account.
  • We go to the address:
  • On the left, under the avatar, we see a button on which it is written Read – click on it (see the image below).
  • Thus we add the known users to your Twitter, now their entries are read here: http: //
  • How to write to Twitter via SMS?

In the account, Access to tweets is limited. A person registered, but nobody sees him and a “lock” appears next to his tweets.

Apparently in indicated in the Privacy checkmark in Hide my tweets – go in, uncheck, save the settings.


What is close in spirit?

The system selects you users “similar” to you or to those for whom you follow, considering that these users may be interesting to you.


What does the Retweet link mean?

Clicking on it, you can share a tweet that you liked with your followers.


What are the Lists and what are they for?

You can use lists as you like, i.e. make them for their own purposes. Or there to put the selected users – then, entering the list you will see tweets only of these users. You can just shove those people whose tweets you do not want to see on your tape every time, but sometimes it’s interesting to read. You can create a list where you will put users who write on a specific topic, for example, “music” or “design” or something else … Here is another article on the topic of Twitter Lists


How to unsubscribe from mail. So that there are no messages coming?

We go to your account on Twitter, then – Settings (at the top) – then in Notifications. There you remove the tick from what you do not want to be sent to the post office.
In order not to receive messages about new comments from to which you subscribed – go to the Manage subscriptions link (at the end of the email), then simply cancel your subscription.


I want to get a twitter for my company

On some nuances of corporate twitter: Twitter for business: the promotion of corporate microblogging.