post-title Get retweets on twitter free

Get retweets on twitter free

Get retweets on twitter free

What is meant by promotion of Twitter-profile? It is rather difficult to give a definitive answer here. For some, this is an additional source of traffic, for others – a large number of followers and recognizability in the niche.

But, anyway, this article will be useful for those who intend to use their profile on Twitter not only for a pleasant pastime. Sales, traffic, customers!


The first method (white)

You simply open a website account or an online store and start using SMM (for those who do not know: this abbreviation means marketing in social media). Begin to post thematic tweets, communicate with people. You can organize consultations, competitions, offer discounts and get additional customers. That is, your main task is to become your own in the community and to carry out a personal sale, gaining trust.



Gray method

It is called gray, as here you will use mass following.

Everyone talks about SEO and successfully uses it, but it still does not happen to be white. Yet most of the well-known bloggers refuse mass following, considering it wrong. Most likely, here the reason lies in the banal excess of attention. How to enter a newbie?

It should be noted right away that massfellowing does not apply to spam. And all because when you call a person, you absolutely do not oblige him. But most of the tweaks apply the author’s link Direct Messages, auto-post tweets. In this case, massfellowing is 99% spam, especially in cases when the user gets this notification via e-mail. Such people hope to get a specific reaction from users.

You should not do this! The gray method implies non-aggressive mass-targeting on your account with interesting tweets. You do not need to use RSS cross-hosting and DM mailing. Write in a measured way, only on the topic. This method is suitable for promoting services and goods without harm to their image.


Promotion of Twitter-profile

Spamming method

It is great for promoting affiliate, affiliate links, various interesting products. In this direction, those who are not afraid of losing their image work.


Create an account. Make a beautiful design, so people believe that the account is not a good one. The more interesting the design, the greater the conversion.

Better if the design will be done under the design of the affiliate program or other colors that would meet the expectations of people.
Use design elements that are well-known to people you need to be interested in.
The design may contain contact information (unreal, solely for eye removal).



Next, configure auto-posting. To do this, just go to, where to request five or ten keys on the subject of the account. Well, further to the right of the issuance you will see RSS on demand.

Then compile five-ten such RSS streams (use “advanced search”).

On the Internet there are millions of the same type of articles on how to make cross-posting from RSS to “Twitter”. Use several services, configure auto-posting. Add RSS of different blogs, thematic news.



First time let the account stay, answer people, add handwritten tweets, do retweets. Then everything must be left on its own accord.

Be sure to include the affiliate link in DM. As a result, you will receive 150 people, and each of them comes with your reference to the product or product.

And what’s left now? You need to follow those users who will be interested in your link. That is, those for whom the design was created, invented and registered the account name, developed an avatar.



We pass directly to mass-loading. And further effective examples will be shown:

  • Mass Following by geography
  • Keyword Mass Flowing
  • In this case, add only those who recently wrote a particular keyword. The solution is Hummingbird 2 and Tweetattacks.


Mass Following on a person sheet

It’s about Here you search for an audience with a certain interest and add it to your friends (Hummingbird 2 and Tweetattacks).