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Buy real twitter followers

Buy real twitter followers
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You write on Twitter every day, and your messages are not retweeted? You have already begun to consider yourself a talentless loser, who is not allowed to write, but even think?

Do not worry, you just do not know the main secret of Twitter: it does not matter how you write, it’s important About what you write!

We present to your attention 6 types of messages that are guaranteed to bring a lot of retweets:


1. Quotations

Sayings of famous people is the simplest and most effective way to “get up” on Twitter.

Here’s how to do it:

“There is no point in hiring intelligent people, and then pointing out what to do. We hire people to tell us what to do to us. ” Steve Jobs

Most importantly – do not forget to put quotation marks at the beginning and end of the statement, and also specify the author.

Tip: the most popular on Twitter are the statements of Steve Jobs, and indeed all that concerns Apple. Guess, why?


2. Jokes and interesting facts

Humorous tweets are a great way to save your followers from boredom. In addition, a good joke can interest potential followers. You do not give up a couple of dozen new subscribers, right ?!

Hint: it’s best when the joke is not only funny, but also close to your followers.

Here’s an example, a tweet that has collected about six hundreds of retweets:

List of phrases that can not be read from the first time correctly: 1. I sent you. 2. Steep potholes. 3. Where to remove a kopeck piece?


3. Trends

Here, I think, you do not need to explain anything: if you want to pin the attention of your followers to yourself, write about what is relevant at the moment.

And, in fact, the Twi community still has memories of how vehemently tweets were tweeted about Apple products on the day Jobs presented the ipad 2:

“I bought an iphone, ipad and a macbook, but I still do not give. Is this a warranty case? “

I bought an iPhone, then an iPhone 2, then an iPhone 3G, then an iPhone 4, then two ipads and now here’s an ipad 2. WHY DO NOT I GIVE? Anton, 39 years old.


4. Hot news

Hot news out of 140 characters go to “hurray” on Twitter. Still, everyone wants to keep abreast of the latest developments. I’m not talking about how much everyone wants to learn the latest news first …

It is also not necessary to go far beyond examples, it is enough to recall what twitter turned into during the revolution in Egypt, or how its Russian segment tore apart after the terrorist attack in Domodedovo …


5. Questions

The questions are good if you expect to get tons of replays, but you can also collect the retweets. Do not believe me? Try to ask the question “What are you going to give your loved ones on March 8?” On the eve of the holiday …


6. Creativity

Did you come up with an entertaining pun? Wordplay?

Urgently post it on Twitter! The result is guaranteed!

Conclusion: This is the 6 types of tweets that retweets most often. Probyte, experiment, combine, and eventually you will become a star of Twitter.